“I have now had the distinct pleasure of performing two concerts organized by David Moss-Cornett’s Mossy Gatherings over the past few years. David is one of the most passionate, professional, organized, and warm-hearted music promoters I have come across in my more than 30 years of performing. As such, I would highly recommend Mossy Gatherings to any musicians looking to perform in the Owen Sound area”

– Ken Dunn

“We had heard great things about Mossy Gatherings through our peers and were thrilled that for our very first concert in Owen Sound, we had a room full of warm, generous and kind-hearted folks that gave so much good energy to us performers. It’s clear to us that David has worked hard to foster such an enthusiastic music-loving community, and we can’t wait to come back again!

Again, thank you for everything!”

– Alex and Kaitlin of MOONFRUITS, Ottawa

“My concert, a benefit for the Grey-Bruce Brain Injury Centre, that was initiated and executed by Mossy Gatherings was the most beautiful concert I have ever done in my career. David Moss-Cornett is an amazing, visionary and organized host. His attention to detail was impeccable. I am honoured to have done a concert under his banner.”

​- Donald Quan
 “The first time I had the privilege of working with Mossy was an eye opener for me. It is rare in the arena of promotions of live music entertainment that you experience the due care process. The thoughtfulness of the event focusing on the people, the individuals. That is who I have come to know and respect in Mossy: the intense focus on the highest experience for all, everyone. Our most recent performance with Mossy, I remember being hosted for the night, I was invited to his house, welcomed in as family, and given breakfast the next morning before setting of on the road. I’ve heard it said that Mossy has the biggest heart, he give 110% from the heart. I would not hesitate to work with Mossy.”

– Reggae musician Treson Alman from www.TheHumanRights.ca

 “I’ve had the pleasure to play at Mossy Gatherings in Owen Sound twice, and each time has been wonderful. David (Mossy) is a highly caring promoter who takes care of every detail and the team is enthusiastic. Everything runs smoothly, so that the artist and audience can get the best experience possible. Thanks again Mossy and crew!”

– Sarah MacDougall,
​Whitehorse, Yukon – www.sarahmacdougall.com

 “I’ve performed with my group, The Jessica Stuart Few at several Mossy Gathering concerts over the past few years, and all have been incredibly positive experiences.  Mossy is well organized, and has presented us at several different venues in Owen Sound, and has put incredible attention into all the details that make an event work well.  He has ensured the proper backline is provided, that the events are well promoted, the venues suitable, and always guarantees fair fees for the group.

It’s been a wonderful experience to work with Mossy and Mossy Gatherings, and to be welcomed into the community so warmly in Owen Sound.”

​- Jessica Stuart from The Jessica Stuart Few www.jessicastuartmusic.com

“It has been a pleasure working with Mossy Gatherings for my two shows in Owen Sound. Always professional, detail-oriented and organized. A welcoming and music-loving group that are doing great things. I brought my band to Heartwood Concert Hall this time around and loved the venue, vibe and people. Thanks for all the hard work you do, it is appreciated by independent artists like me and I am happy to be a part of the scene you are building. Until next time!”

​- Angela Saini, Toronto, ON.  www.angelasaini.com

“From the very first moment to the last, there was a feeling of enthusiasm, excitement, and support from “Mossy” (David Moss-Cornett) and all the lovely volunteers involved in Mossy Gatherings. We are so lucky to have these amazing individuals so dedicated to bringing music to people.‎ An added bonus – the space at the Harmony Centre in Owen Sound is a gem with clear and resonant acoustics. It was a joy to perform there and meet the Owen Sound community. Here’s to many more years of music!”

Rachel Mercer, Toronto, ON. @ www.rachelmercercellist.com

I want to give a huge shout-out to David and his awesome crew at Mossy Gatherings for putting on a great show last weekend in Owen Sound. You made us feel very welcome, and we couldn’t have asked for a better group of people with whom to connect. You guys have a great thing going on there – I’m looking forward to being back in July with The Human Rights!  Thanks so much for your hard work, kind spirit and fantastic hospitality. The world needs more people doing the kinds of things you do!”

Riverrun – Jazz quartet from Toronto

“From moment one, Mossy was welcoming and professional. Every detail was attended to, and even early on, through our communication, we felt like we could trust the show to be well organized, promoted and executed. We didn’t expect for Mossy and the Mossy Gatherings team to be so fun and friendly. We had as much fun setting up the show as we did performing.

What seals the deal making Mossy Gatherings a rare jewel is the community of music lovers who support and attend the shows. It felt like we had stepped into a room full of people who just “got it.” They were there to listen, to be entertained and moved. The audience was so open-hearted and that made for a very special night. 

And we know that’s not something that just happens. A community like that needs to be cultivated. We felt honoured to take part in that community for a night. We’d be thrilled to return, and we recommend Mossy Gatherings whole-heartedly to any artist or music lover.”

Ash & Bloom – singer/songwriters from Hamilton, ON

“My Mossy Gatherings weekend was a home run, both professionally and personally. I was paid on time, in full, fed, and given accommodation. Far above and beyond. Mossy Gatherings is doing this right, and to a rare depth.”

Brad Lyons from OCEANSHIP: singer-songwriter based in Waterdown, Ontario

​”Mossy gatherings gave me a warm welcome and the chance to share songs and stories with a great room. They attracted audiences that were ready to both dance and listen and treated both the crowd and performers with the utmost respect. I’d work with them anytime”

​Jon Farmer: Singer, songwriter, Professional Event MC in Owen Sound, Ontario.

“Mossy Gatherings is the kind of musician-centric concert organization that we’ve all been looking for. Not only is the Mossy team musicians / music fans themselves, but they’re great people and good friends of yours by the end of your visit. The River Cafe was a fantastic venue, I found the atmosphere was so artistic which made it easy to make myself comfortable on stage. The city of Owen Sound has a lot to offer, Mossy was happy to give me a comfortable stay overnight and excited to show me some beautiful spots in town the next day. I know it will not be the last time I visit Owen Sound to play a Gatherings concert.” 

The Sun Harmonic, Canadian musician, songwriter and music fanatic. Your pal, Kaleb.
“It was a pleasure to return to Owen Sound and play for a Mossy Gatherings event at The River Cafe. Our event had fresh and fun promotion and great attendance from a very enthusiastic and attentive crowd! We were offered wonderful hospitality and we would surely return again. The night had an overall genuine community feeling that was so welcoming. Thank you to David (Mossy) and the entire Mossy Gatherings team. It was a real treat.”

Sue Newberry – Peterborough-based singer/songwriter

 “I want to say thanks so much for inviting me up to Owen Sound. I had a wonderful time with you (Mossy) and think your attitude about welcoming people with amazing hospitality and capable hands is both genuine and refreshing…

To all would-be artists at Mossy Gatherings: Do it! David is one of those promoters who is so passionate about what he does that he can’t help but take the slightest detail into account while assuring your complete comfort and satisfaction before during and after the show. He takes it one step further by inviting you visit the natural beauty of Owen Sound and the surrounding area. His dedication to the cause of bringing great music to this community will reap dividends as artists clamber to include this wonderful place on their tour maps.”

Scott Hamilton – World traveling singer/ songwriter, poet, multi-instrumentalist and troubadour from Belgium 
“Just want to say thanks again for everyone coming out to the show last night. I had a blast! Thanks to Mossy Gatherings for organizing such an awesome night. The River Cafe was such a cozy place to perform for a great audience.  Thanks to Sue, David, and the rest of the band. Such beautiful music was played last night. Fantastic all the way around. Not a night I will be forgetting anytime soon, that’s for sure.” 

Andrew Nunno – Owen Sound musician/ performer.

“The Mossy Gatherings team was a pleasure to work with. Every detail of the event was carefully thought out and communicated, and the evening ran smoothly and professionally. As an artist, it was refreshing to have the freedom to just focus on my performance – I didn’t have to worry about anything. From the promotion leading up to the event, to the sound equipment setup, to the choice of a perfect venue, to the dinner provided before the show, I knew I was in good hands. On top of it all, I was welcomed so warmly by the local community that supports Mossy Gatherings. I’m grateful for the hospitality and generosity of everyone involved. This is a group of people who obviously love music, respect artists, and have succeeded in connecting with the community. They are setting the bar for concert presenting. I would be delighted to work with them again anytime.” 

Shawna Caspi – Toronto-based Singer/ Songwriter, writer and painter.  

“I had such a great experience in Owen Sound thanks to Mossy Gatherings. They brought me up from Toronto to play at The River Cafe and were so accommodating, thoughtful, organized and warmhearted that I would definitely want to come back and work with them again.  Mossy Gatherings took care of the following: had a pickup/drop off service at the bus station, sleeping arrangements were taken care off (Food/Drinks inc.), booked the venue and sound guy, extensive marketing online and postering around Owen Sound, acted as a tour guy during down time and most importantly packed the show!  Nothing but great things to say about David and the whole Mossy Gatherings group.  I only wish they were based in my home town! “

Don Campbell, Toronto based singer/songwriter

“David is an amazing host. We had a great first show in Owen Sound at The River Cafe, thanks to his promotion, and organization. We felt so welcomed and he’d thought of everything – food, accommodations, sound, local attractions etc. Everything was perfect. Thanks, Mossy!”

Shannon Rose, Ottawa based singer/songwriter

“I had a lovely time performing at The River Café today. This has to be the warmest room I’ve ever played, in terms of people, comfortable ambiance, sweet vintage vibe, light, colours and sound – the sound. It was also by far the most extended solo gig I’ve had to-date. I performed 35 songs – 20 of my own and covers recomposed for some of my non-standard instruments. I managed to squeeze a couple songs in by fellow Toronto songwriters, Pete Eastmure and Zoe Henderson, and even whirled back to 1965 for a bit of sitar pop. It was wonderful to meet Karen Rosalie the owner of The River Café, and savour the best Reuben sandwich I’ve ever had. Very nice to meet many of the 35 people who gave their presence and attention to my songs. There is something about the emotional connections we share through music that eludes words.”

Brian Janzi, Toronto based singer/songwriter & Summerfolk performer.