Death Doula

Respite Care

I also provide respite services which includes personal care (nursing, grooming, and health monitoring), assisting people in activities of daily living, caregiver relief (accompanied visits, companion services), and homemaking (meal prep, cleaning, and laundry).

A Personal Support Worker (PSW) is the front line health care professional, who provides direct care to people of all ages, ill or differently abled patients in a wide variety of settings and plays a crucial role in our health care system and makes an enormous contribution to the health and well-being of many people.

This is a commonly used generic title, however; there are many other names used for someone performing similar duties including:

· Health Care Aide

· Personal Attendant

· Visiting Homemaker

· Respite Care Worker

· Home Support Worker

· Palliative Care Worker

· Supportive Care Assistant

· Patient Services Associate

Personal Support Worker is not part of the Regulated Health Professional Act and is therefore a non-regulated profession.

However, recognizing their Professional statues means insurance is required and demanded by clients, aid organizations, home care employers, long-term care facilities and others. My policy meets the requirements for the Family Managed Home Care – FMHC program as required by Local Health Integration Network (LHIN).